Shooting Night Out (2022) (Sleepover Club, Sleep Out)

Shooting Night Out (2022) (Sleepover Club, Sleep Out)

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Other name: 골 때리는 외박 Gol Ttaerineun Oebag Sleepover Club Sleep Out

Original network: SBS;

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2022

Genre: Adventure, Comedy


The stars, who are desperately in need of a break, travel around the country for a healing trip. The travel mates who will add the fun to this special trip are Lee Su Geun, Lee Jin Ho, and Kyu Hyun. With his Type 1 driver's license and recreation instructor certificate, Su Geun can take the guests anywhere. For the guest's comfortable trip, Jin Ho becomes a diligent worker. Kyu Hyun is the talented youngest member who can both entertain and cook. Where will the hilarious travel mates go?
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