Love The Way You Are (2019)

Love The Way You Are (2019)

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Other name: 的青春都是你 三好差生 Wo Men De Qing Quan Du Shi Ni San Hao Cha Sheng Bei Da Cha Sheng My Youth Is Yours

Director: Zhou Tong [周彤] and Dai Meng Ying [代梦颖]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Animals, Cold Man, Comedy, Romance, School, Youth


This movie follows the sweet and sour love between the daring and kind-hearted Zhou Lin Lin and Fang Yu Ke, the socially awkward boy next door. They leave their village and begin studying animal husbandry at university. Throw a manipulative beauty who hates losing a conquest and a flirtatious bad boy into the mix and watch what unfolds.Adapted from the novel "Peking University Students".
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